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Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc.


Periodic Paralysis Network Support provides hope and assistance to individuals and caregivers with Periodic Paralysis (PP) through Awareness, Support, Education, and Advocacy (ASEA). PPNI supports a hands-on approach to managing the condition in all-natural ways.

PPNI Publishing uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Processing (IP), and Information Technology (IT) to produce images and documents for personal and professional uses and a Bookstore to display and market published materials. All revenue is used to support the corporation, provide services to the public, and distribute dividends to shareholders.

AIRendition uses AI Technology | Eclectic Principles | OpenAI Codex | DALL-E 2 | GIMP | LibreOffice | PPNI Publishing to create unique digital images and documents for personal and professional use. Please contact AIR with any comments, questions, concerns, and proposals.

The Eclectic Way is an unconventional way to choose and combine multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject or apply different theories in particular cases. Eclecticism is the practice of selecting doctrines from different systems of thought without adopting the whole parent system for each doctrine. It leaves contradictions between opposing views unresolved and there is no attempt to reconcile or combine systems unless it becomes the goal or desired outcome.