Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc.

Welcome to Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc. (PPNI). At the core of our mission lies a strong commitment to the principles of Awareness, Support, Education, and Advocacy (A.S.E.A.) for those affected by Periodic Paralysis, a rare mineral metabolic disorder characterized by episodes of muscle weakness. We are dedicated to serving individuals living with all forms of Periodic Paralysis (PP), as well as their families, caregivers, and the medical professionals involved in their care. We believe in transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and learning, forging a path toward better understanding and a stronger support system for everyone affected by Periodic Paralysis.

Periodic Paralysis Network Logo
Periodic Paralysis Network Logo

PPNI provides a hands-on approach to understanding the disease, getting a proper diagnosis, managing the symptoms, using all natural and drug-free methods and assisting caregivers and family members. We focus on educational resources, self-monitoring of vitals, and the management of symptoms through natural research driven methods. Our members receive validation through Awareness | Support | Education | Advocacy (A.S.E.A.). Members have access to a variety of educational resources encompassing all aspects of Periodic Paralysis.

Periodic Paralysis A.S.E.A.Periodic Paralysis A.S.E.A.

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