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Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc.


Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc. (PPNI) is a privately owned S-Corporation that is recognized by the IRS. The business is headquartered in Sequim, WA 98382, and can be reached by phone at (360) 637-6210 or by email at periodicparalysisnetwork@gmail.com. The PPNI website is located at https://periodicparalysisnetworkinc.com.

PPNI is dedicated to providing information, support, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by periodic paralysis. This condition is a rare genetic disorder that causes episodes of muscle weakness or paralysis that can last from minutes to days. PPNI was incorporated in Washington State on October 01, 2014, with the funds used for incorporation coming from book sales and private party donations.

Other PPNI business activities include PPNI Publishing, AI Art Outlet, and AIRenditions,



Periodic Paralysis Network Support provides hope and assistance to individuals and caregivers with Periodic Paralysis (PP) through Awareness, Support, Education, and Advocacy (ASEA). PPNI supports a hands-on approach to managing the condition in all-natural ways.


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PPNI Publishing uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Processing (IP), and Information Technology (IT) to produce images and documents for personal and professional uses and a Bookstore to display and market published materials. All revenue is used to support the corporation, provide services to the public, and distribute dividends to shareholders.


Welcome to the AI Art Outlet. This is a public marketplace for AI Art enthusiasts of many kinds. All of the AI Art images and literature on display were created by OpenAI GPT-3, ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, NightCafe, Dream, Midjourney, Discord with directions by AIRendition. Everything is original, affordable, and available as digital downloads. Please browse through our collections and consider making a purchase using our secure server. We also fill special requests. Click on the images below to open each collection. Thanks for visiting and please return often. JDH


Welcome to AIRenditions. All of the images and stories included here were created by AI image and language generators with a minimum of human assistance. Our goal is to help people access AI Art technology for personal and professional purposes. AIRenditions offers consulting services to the public in all areas of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI). We offer commercial consulting services in AI design, development, and delivery.